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Delta Tools

Delta TS300 Shopmaster 10' Stationary Table Saw

31-695 6' Belt/9' Disc Sander

Delta 22-580 13' Two-Speed Finishing Planer




Dewalt and Delta tools

At DrillBitsPlus, you'll find information on Delta, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Porter Cable and others. Read actual customer reviews, look for projects and plans, check out the woodworking tips, Interactive How To listingfree woodworking plans, links to woodworking sites and many other pieces of valuable information for the amateur or advanced woodworker.

Whether its the new by Delta TS300 or a cordless drill by Dewalt, you can buy it here.  You'll find the prices on woodworking tools hard to beat, with free shipping on most items over $25!  If you can't find it here, try Home Depot or Northern Tools.

When it comes to woodworking, stick with brands that know the business, manufacturers like Delta, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita and Porter Cable.  These companies know power and woodworking tools.  When purchasing woodworking or power tools, you should always take into account what others have to say.  Read the woodworking tool reviews and make an informed decision before you purchase anything. This will end up saving you money in the long run. 

We've recommended items which are listed to the left.  These are highly rated by consumers, and won't break the bank with their price.

Some manufacturers have advantages over others,  Delta for example, builds relatively inexpensive power tools along with expensive ones.  Almost all the Dewalt tools are expensive, but they provide good high end items and accessories like saw blades and drill bits.  To read reviews, simply find what you are interested in, click on the details and see what others have to say.

Please visit our project forum, post your thoughts, or specific reviews of tools you use.  Ideas or suggestions.  All are welcome here, and we'd love for you to share your knowledge.  Be sure to check out the links page as you'll find other woodworking sites of interest and links to free woodworking plans.  We also like to know where the best information about woodworking is, so if you know a link you think we should add, drop us a email.

If you should have any questions about any of the manufacturers or projects in general, please feel free to contact us at, or let us know if you'd like to promote something you've created which is woodworking related.  

Lastly, as with any hobby involving power tools, be sure to read the manual for any safety procedures before you use the equipment.  Following this rule will help you to better understand your equipment, use it more effectively and keep you from getting hurt.

HEY!!! Check out the woodworking newsgroup for ideas and to join the woodworking community.  This is a great source for information and advice from the novice to the expert.  Don't forget our project forum as another source.

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Delta Dewalt Milwaukee
Cordless drills, drill presses, jointers, routers, planers, sanders Cordless drills, generators, jointers, routers, planers, sanders Cordless drills, combo kits, routers, saws, sanders
JET Porter Cable Makita
Band saw, drill pressesjointer, routers, sanders, saws Cordless drills, planers, routers, sanders Cordless drills, planer, routers, saws, sanders
Bosch Panasonic Hitachi
Cordless drills, routers, sanders, saws Cordless drills, saws Cordless drills, planer, routers, saws, sanders


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